..One Direction..

Anonymous asked: "can i have the link to scars? :)"

I have already told yall..I don’t have the links and neither does Amy..I’m really sorry :(

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Anonymous asked: "Sooo i dont really understand your blog. Like im really tired actually so i dont quite distinguish the end of each post but it doesnt matter cos its like an happy mess and yea its cool there's beautiful people ++++Harry Styles HQ wonderful photos and fun gifs and ME LIKES YOUR BLOG keep on goin girl and i hope you're having a wonderful day/night/afternoon/morning/idkkk haha love"

Aww Thank you Babe..I was kinda scared at first but then you said you liked it so I was all like okay..haha but thank you again :)

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Anonymous asked: "can u put up the link to scars ?"

Okay to everyone who wants the link to scars:Amy deleted it,and she doesnt have it saved to her computer or anything,so theres no way she can re-publish it.Im really sorry for the inconvenience.  

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Im logging off this blog for a bit..

If you need someone to talk too,or need to get in touch with me ill be on my other blog which is lustfulharrystyles :) Bye Yall!! 


*calls you by your url at your funeral*